There are different legends and the truth stays in the past, but most likely my brothers Jaak and Juhan Gross, working as figure skating coaches in Moscow in 1970-1980, started to use parallel with the so called „fishing pole“ method their own invention, which they called „The equipment of Gross“. May be the care of the brothers for their younger sister, the underwriter, after I had fallen in the practice and broken my hip, was playing a part in that.
Tiina Gross

Limitless possibilities of Flygrossing

After time went by, during the last days of the past century, Tiina Gross realized that the actual limits of „The equipment of Gross“ have not been achieved yet – the equipment allowed just up and down movements and vertical rotation. 
Mankind has always dreamt of flying and streamed to the heights.
Tiina, with her thirty year’s  experience in the circus and on the show stages, added what lacked in her brothers Jaak’s and Juhan’s invention, and the Grossing was born. The year was 1999.
In 2004 Grossing advanced into Flygrossing, which embraces the flight and the height.  Through the deep accumulation of experience and daily practice the Flygrossing’s methodology and equipment are in constant development.

From Gross equipment to Flygrossing and beyond

This is how the one of the most exceptional inventions of the 20th century, that includes a training device, healing instrument as well as a sensational improver of the showprograms,  was started by the Gross family.

By today every Gross has found their path:

Jaak’s „The Gross Training Equipment-Device“ is essential  training device for ice figure skaters and was most likely the means to open the way to the quadruple jumps.

Juhan’s „The equipment of Gross“ together with its methodology of usage are highly valued in medical rehabilitation of the modern medicine and in the rehabilitation of the disabled.  Juhan, in accordance with the national program, has provided „The equipment of Gross“ to more that 400 rehabilitation centre’s in Russia.  Moreover, „The equipment of Gross“ is used in Belorussia, Ukraine, Poland, Croatia and Tajikistan. In Estonia „The equipment of Gross“  can be found in three rehabilitation centers in Tallinn, two in Pärnu, one in Kuressaare, Viljandi and Ääsmäe.

Tiina’s invention – Grossing, which has been  evolved to Flygrossing  – has still numberless possibilities. At the moment people are using this to develop physical abilities, achieving „bikini figure“ and for recreation.                                                                                     

Multifunctional Flygrossing

Athletes with innovative spirits will find Flygrossing as a great aid to improve the techniques of their field of sports and develop their physical abilities with specific exercises. Therefore the swimmers have been training their dive jump, the Estonian record holder in women pole vault found support in Flygrossing, Estonian Women Team of Cross-Country skiing has varied their summer training’s routine with Flygrossing. After trying Flygrossing, the mountain climbers, ski jumpers, trampoline jumpers, bikers, military personnel, policemen and even … ballerinas, have acknowledged Flygrossing’s usefulness.   

A great help and possibility to persons with physical disabilities

Flygrossing is a great help and possibility to persons with physical disabilities, to whom this may be the first time to stand on their own feet without the help of others and fair to fell. The future perspective, depending on the person’s condition and the desire  to pursue more, is to stand without the help of Flygrossing and may be even the ability to take steps. 

We have great achievements among the persons with the lighter forms of disabilities.

Showprograms are at the beginning of really noticing Flygrossing. So far Flygrossing has been discovered by Estonian and Finnish theatres, ballet artists, cabaret shows, showprograms and promotional events.
Flygrossing has been seen in showprograms in Estonia, Finland, Russia, Canada, Netherlands, Hungary and Norway.

In the close future Flygrossing can be presented as an independent field of sports.

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